Completed Projects

ARC Discovery Projects

  1. Deeks, A., Hao, H., 2007, 'DP0881582 - Rapid Structural Condition Assessment Using Adaptive Model Updating', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $280,000.

  2. Melchers, R., Stewart, M., 2004 'Modelling and Integration of Spatial Time-Dependent Variability in Structural Reliability Analysis', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $217,000.

  3. Melchers, R., Stewart, M., 2007 'Modelling of Damage Progression and its Effects on the Expected Safety and Satisfactory Performance of Existing Reinforced Concrete Infrastructure', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $240,000.

ARC Linkage Projects

  1. Hao, H., Deeks, A., Scanlon, R., Smith, E., Lim, A., 2003, 'Probabilistic Bridge Structure Condition Assessment and Load Carrying Capacity Prediction.', ARC Linkage Projects. Funds Approved: $402,997.00.

  2. Blumenstein, M., Loo, Y. and Guan, H., 2008 'Artificial intelligence based deterioration model for development of bridge network maintenance strategy', ARC Linkage Projects. Funds Approved: $422,584.

  3. Thambiratnam, D.P., Tan, A. C. and Chan, T. H., 2008 'Monitoring and maintaining the structural health of bridges using vibration characteristics', ARC Linkage Projects. Funds Approved: $219,000.

CRC/CSIRO Projects

  1. Hao, H., Stewart, M., Zhu, X., Deeks, A., Liu, W., Cheng, L., Totoev, Y., Melchers, R., Thambiratnam, D. P., Mahendran, M, Tan, A, 2006, 'CRC for Integrated Engineering Asset Management - Integrated Health Monitoring System for Civil Infrastructure in Operational Environments', CRC For Integrated Engineering Asset Management. Funds Approved: $1,085,448.00.

  2. Cassidy, M., Hao, H., 2006, 'Wealth from Oceans - Subsea Pipelines for Reliable & Environmentally Safe Development of Ocean Hydrocarbon Resources - Pipeline Reliability', CSIRO Flagship Collaboration Fund Clusters. Funds Approved: $251,200.00.

  3. Hao, H., 2011, 'Supporting Infrastructure Management by Combining Sensors and Asset Information Models - Project No. 3104', CRC For Infrastructure Engineering and Asset Management. Funds Approved $416,642.00.