Current Projects

ARC Discovery Projects

  1. Mark, Stewart., Mark, Masia., 2018-2020, 'Stochastic Hazard Assessment of Unreinforced Masonry Wall Systems', ARC Discovery Project Projects. Funds Approved: $473,315.

  2. Brian, Uy., 2018-2020, 'Behaviour & Design of Large Fabricated Stainless Steel Composite Structures', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $463,488.

  3. Vanissorn, Vimonsatit., Priyan, Mendis., Surendra, Shah., 2018-2020, 'Developing Innovative Concrete Composites by Upscaling Material Properties', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $392,834.

  4. Tao, Yu., Lip, Teh., Scott, Smith. and Jin-Guang, Teng., 2017-2019, 'Hybrid Multiple-Tube Concrete Columns Incorporating Composite Materials', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $280,000.

  5. Brian, Uy., Ehab, Hamed., Zhong, Tao. and Won-Hee, Kang., 2017-2019, 'Coupled Service and Ultimate Behaviour of High Strength Composite Columns', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $435,500.

  6. Tuan, Ngo., Alex, Remennikov., Priyan, Mendis. and Andrew, Whittaker., 2017-2019, 'A Bio-Inspired Lightweight Composite System for Blast and Impact Protection', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $300,000.

  7. Nelson, Lam., Emad, Gad., Mahdi, Disfani. and Tuan, Ngo., 2017-2019, 'Design of Barriers for Impact', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $231,824.

  8. Hong, Hao., Faiz, Shaikh., 2016-2018, 'Development of Ambient Cured High Performance Geopolymer Composite', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $500,000.

  9. Chan, T.H.T and Thambiratnam, D.P., 2016-2018, 'Development of Intelligent Structures that Can Self-Evaluate Deterioration', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $360,000.

  10. Zhu, X.Q., Samali, B. and Law, S.S., 2016-2018, 'Development of a Novel Mobile Sensory System for Bridge Health Monitoring', ARC Discovery Project, Funds Approved:$225,000.

  11. Mark, Stewart, 2016-2019, 'Risk-Based Decision-Making for Terrorism and Infrastructure Security', ARC Discovery Project, Funds Approved: $780,000.

  12. Kotooussov, A., Ng, C.T., Cazzolato, B., Rose, L.R.F., 2016-2018, 'Stress Evaluation with Non-Linear Guided Wave', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $330,000.

  13. Hao, H., 2015-2018, 'Development of Precast Concrete Segmental Columns to Resist Earthquake and Blast Loading', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $593,400.

  14. Guan, H., Gilbert, B.P., Loo, Y.C., Lu, X.Z., 2015-2017, 'Progressive Collapse Resistance of Concrete Flat Plate Structures', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $434,300.

  15. Li, W.H., Li, J.C., 2015-2017, 'Adaptive Base Isolation Using Innovative Magnetorheological Elastomers', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $266,300.

  16. Chan, T. H. and Thambiratnam, D. P., 2013, 'Development of Next Generation Prestressed Concrete Bridges Using Moving Force Identification', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $300,000.

  17. Melchers, R. and Stewart, M., 2010, 'Remaining Life Estimation for Existing Deteriorating Reinforced Concrete Infrastructure', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $320,000.

  18. Uy, B. and Zhu, X. and Mirza, O., 2011, 'The Use of Innovative Anchors for the Achievement of Composite Action for Rehabilitating Existing and Deployment in Demountable Steel Structures', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $255,000.

  19. Melchers, R. E. and Stewart, M. G., 2013 'Structural Reliability and Remaining Life Estimation for Deteriorating Steel Infrastructure', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $405,000.

  20. Hao, H. and Wang, Y., 2013, 'Development of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) Material with Spiral-Shaped Fibres', ARC Discovery Projects. Funds Approved: $315,000.

ARC Linkage Projects

  1. Xiangyu, Wang., Yonghong, Wu., Jun, Li., Keith, Hampson., Changzhi, Wu.,Hung-Lin, Chi., Ian, Smith., Mahes, Rajakaruna., Sarah, Iwaniw., 2016-2019, 'Bridge Performance Assessment through Advanced Sensing and Modelling', ARC Linkage Projects. Funds Approved: $280,000.

  2. Tuan, Ngo., Yi-Min (Mike), Xie., Priyan, Mendis., Peter, Lee., Dong, Ruan., Nelson, Lam., Dinesh, Kumar, Shanmugam., 2015-2018, 'Developing Auxetic Composite System for Protective Engineering Applications', ARC Linkage Projects. Funds Approved: $387,500.

  3. Tuan, Ngo., Hong, Hao., Jose, L. Torero, Cullen., Priyan, Mendis., Jay, G. Sanjayan., Hamid, R. Ronagh., David, Visser., 2014-2018, 'An Innovative Light Weight Composite Panel System for High Speed Modular Construction', ARC Linkage Projects. Funds Approved: $600,000.

  4. Foster, S. J. and Stewart, M., 2010, 'A Re-Evaluation of the Safety and Reliability Indices for Reinforced Concrete Structures', ARC Linkage Projects. Funds Approved: $210,000.

  5. Li, J., Samali, B. and Crews, K. I., 2011, 'Determination of the Condition and Strength Capacity of In-Service Timber Poles in Energy Networks', ARC Linkage Projects. Funds Approved: $280,000.

ARC ITTC Projects

  1. Buddhima, Indraratna., Kiet, Tieu., David, Airey., David, Thambiratnam., Arul, Arulrajah., John, Wilson., Zheng, Jiang., Jian, Zhao., Michael, Meylan., David, Williams., Hamid, Nikraz., Manicka, Dhanasekar., Rian, Dippenaar., Cholachat, Rujikiatkamjorn., Pascal, Perez., David, Wexler., Hongtao, Zhu., Olivia, Mirza., Jun, Li., Tao, Yu., Katsumi, Maeda., Timothy, Neville., Richard, Kelly., Liam, Palmer-Cannon., Richard, Austin., Jingtao, Han., Li, Yao., Melvyn, Leong., Maroun, Rahme., James, Grant., John, Buckley., Todd, Clarke., Ryan, Jansz., 2017-2021, ARC Training Centre for Advanced Technologies in Rail Track Infrastructure, ARC ITTC Projects. Funds Approved: $3,937,625.

ARC LIEF Projects

  1. Amin, Heidarpour., Xiao-Ling, Zhao., Mark, Bradford., Guoxing, Lu., David, Thambiratnam., Alex, Remennikov., Brian, Uy., Chengqing, Wu., Tuan, Ngo., Pathegama, Ranjith., Sabrina, Fawzia., 2016, 'National Drop Weight Impact Testing Facility', ARC LIEF Projects. Funds Approved: $235,000.

  2. David, Thambiratnam., Tommy, Chan., Manicka, Dhanasekar., Brian, Uy., Xiao-Ling, Zhao., Hong, Hao., Bijan, Samali., Alex, Remennikov., Mark, Masia., Sabrina, Fawzia., Xuemei, Liu., Dong, Ruan., Hong, Guan., Ali, Akbarnezhad., Nangallage, Fernando., 2018, 'New Generation Facility for Impact Testing', ARC LIEF Projects, $744,697.

ARC DECRA Projects

  1. Ng, C.T, 'In-Situ Structural Safety Diagnosis of Composite Materials: Lamb Wave Diffraction Tomography Using Multi-Frequency Data', ARC DECRA Project. Funds Approved: $375,000.

  2. Li, J., 2014, 'Development of a Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Network from Renewable Energy for Integrated Structural Health Monitoring and Diagnosis', ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, Funds Approved $389,220.00.

CRC/CSIRO Projects

  1. Hao, H., 2011, 'Supporting Infrastructure Management by Combining Sensors and Asset Information Models - Project No. 3104', CRC for Integrated Engineering Asset Management. Funds Approved: $416,442.00.

  2. Chan, T. H. , Thambiratnam, D. P., Dhanasekar, M., Tan, A., Ma, L., Cole, C., Chattopadhyay, G., Dwight, R., The, L., and Jones, R., 2011 'Life Cycle Management of Bridges', CRC Rail Projects. Funds Approved: $751,526.00.