Australian Network of Structural Health Monitoring (ANSHM)

The Australian Network of Structural Health Monitoring (ANSHM) has set up to raise the recognition of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) in Australia. SHM is defined as the use of on-structure sensing system to monitor the performance of the structure and evaluate its health state. For the last two decades SHM has been attracting enormous research efforts around the world because it targets at monitoring structural conditions to prevent catastrophic failure, and to provide quantitative data for engineers and infrastructure owners to design reliable structures and economical asset management plans. Actually SHM has been accepted as a justified effort for civil structures. It is a worldwide trend to install a SHM system on a significant structure, e.g. different cable supported bridges in Hong Kong, Guangzhou TV Tower in Mainland China, Skarnsundet Bridge in Norway.

Realizing the importance of SHM, a group of researchers joined together and established the Australian Network of Structural Health Monitoring (ANSHM) on 30 June 2009 during the 1st ANSHM Workshop.

The objectives of the Association are to promote and advance the Field of Structural Health Monitoring in Australia on behalf of Members, and specifically:

  1. To coordinate and integrate efforts for better development and application of SHM techniques in Australia;
  2. To showcase achievements, exchange ideas and disseminate knowledge nationally and internationally;
  3. To promote and facilitate national and international collaborative research and development; and
  4. To raise general community awareness on the need for and value of SHM research and application.

ANSHM now invites relevant Australian industries and universities to join this network for free. So far, we have members from fourteen institutions, namely, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, and Road and Traffic Authority of the Australian state of New South Wales, CSIRO, Deakin University, Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology, University of Adelaide, University of Melbourne, University of New England, University of Newcastle, University of Technology Sydney, University of Western Sydney, University of Western Australia, University of New England,. An individual or a group of individuals of an academic institution, university, industrial or research organisation or a government body with a serious interest in the Field, which supports the objectives of the Association is welcome to join ANSHM and can apply to become a Member through its Executive Committee.

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